Blake Culley

Blake Culley

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Best Practices on Working with Gender Expansive Students

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Blake was born and raised in Ventura County, California. They were born deaf and to a hearing family. They graduated from California School for the Deaf, Riverside in 2006. They went to Gallaudet University for their Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree and specialist degree in school psychology. They now work at Kendall Demonstration Elementary School in Washington D.C., as a school psychologist. Blake struggled with their gender identity for a really long time, since high school because they didn’t have the language for it. Finally at 28 years old, they found the word “non-binary” and it resonated with them so much. They realized that they identify as non-binary. They started their medical transition at 28 and had top surgery at 29 years old. They started doing vlogs by Blake on Instagram to spread more awareness about gender identity and the process in ASL since February 2017. Blake gained more knowledge about the needs of transgender children and adults by attending the Philadelphia Transgender Health Conference in August 2018. 

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