How do I login and access sessions?

Here's a video you might find useful.

I'm logged in, I have a ticket and I've tried to access a workshop but I can't enter the Zoom session, what's going on?

Our workshops have a capacity of 100 people. If you can't get access to the Zoom session it could well be that you were a little too late trying to join. If you have a ticket that allows replay access, you'll be able to watch these session at a later date as recorded content.

When will replays of the live content be available?

Recordings of the live content will be available at the end of the month, if you have a ticket for this. We'll email you when these are available and you'll just need to log back into this site to get access.

My ticket only allows access to live sessions, can I upgrade to watch the recordings at a later date?

If you'd like to upgrade your ticket, you'll have to go through registration again and buy a Full Access ticket. You can then get in touch with us so we can refund your original Live Only ticket.

I'm having issues using the event site, who should I contact for help?

Email Write Gender Spectrum Professionals Symposium in the Subject Line. Be sure to give us your name, the email address you signed up with and a detailed description of the issues you're having, e.g. the session title, a screenshot of an error page.

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